Stock Verification Unit

The Unit reports directly to the Permanent Secretary.  It is responsible for a comprehensive verification of all the stock and purchases of the Ministry with the main objective of providing a complete and continuous verification of stock and other moveable properties of the Ministry whether purchased, acquired or donated.  It is divided into four sub-units:

(a)    Pre-payment verification

(b)    Post-payment verification

(c)    Works and service

(d)    Administration and secretarial


  • Verify pre-payment of all supplies procured on Local Purchase Orders;

  • Verify all stores procured on cash advances, out of pocket expenses etc;

  • Verify pre-payment of all works, services and repairs at the point of  delivery;

  • Perform 100% counting; weighing and insuring of Allocated and Unallocated stores;

  • Prepare stock verification schedule, stock survey forms, stores Form 8 and 9, Treasury form 146 and 147;

  • Conduct stock survey of store procured through Local Purchase Orders or contract;

  • Carry out stock check of plants, vehicles and equipments wherever located, including verification of plant ledger;

  • onduct stock taking in all sub-stores.

  • Take inventory in Government Offices and Residential Quarters;

  • Maintain records of unserviceable, obsolete stores and condemned stores at condemned stores depot;

  • Treat matters relating to Board of Survey and Enquiries.