The Ministerial Servicom Unit (MSU) was established by the directive of the Federal Executive Council through a circular issued by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation on March, 10, 2005.


  • Spearhead the Ministry; Extra-Ministerial Department or Parastatals Service Delivery Initiative through Servicom compliance;

  • Produce, review and monitor performance of charter from the Ministry and it’s Parastatals;

  • Manage the Ministry’s customer relations policy including opportunities for customer feedback on services;

  • Institute a complaints procedure including Grievance Redress mechanism for Ministry and it’s Parastatals;

  • Institute appropriate market research techniques in identifying customer needs and expectations;

  • Ensure the promotion of quality assurance and best practices in the Ministry’s performance of its functions;

  • Provide a comprehensive and effective turning policy for frontline staff on customer relations and related matters;

  • Disseminate best practices and other tips on service delivery improvement;

  • Serve as a link between the Ministry and Servicom office;

  • Serve as the secretariat of the Ministry’s service delivery Committee;

  • Manage links with strategic partners and other stakeholders on Service Delivery, Market Research, Customer Care/Returns etc.

  • Facilitate a safe and conducive working environment for staff at all levels of service delivery.