Press Unit

The Public and Media Relations Unit of the Federal Ministry of Finance is an extension of the Federal Ministry of Information and Communication established to provide effective Public Relations and Public Information management to the Ministry.


What are the activities and functions of the Press and Public Relations Unit in the Federal Ministry of Finance?

  1. The Press /Public Relations Unit is responsible for establishing and fostering a strong positive rapport with domestic and international media outlets for the purpose of publicizing the activities of the Ministry;
  2. The Unit is responsible for projecting the image of the Ministry and its functionaries in an organized and sustainable manner;
  3. The Unit is responsible for recording and preserving the activities of the Management of the Ministry in audio-visual and photographic formats;
  4. The Unit is a partner in terms of contributing contents to the website of the Ministry.

In specific terms, the Press Unit carries out the following activities:

  1. The Press and Public Relations Unit formulates and articulates a dynamic strategy for achieving effective press and public relations functions for the Ministry.
  2. Handles the overall responsibility of projecting the policies, programmes, plans and activities of the Ministry through press statements, press conferences, feature articles, social media, pamphlets, brochures, posters, films, photos and journals.
  3. Organizes interactive sessions between correspondents of various media outlets covering the Ministry and the management of the Ministry led by the HMF, the PSF and Directors. This is aimed at enlightening Nigerians on the activities and achievements of the federal government through the Ministry.
  4. Processes and places advertisements in print and electronic media.
  5. Maintains a cordial relationship with correspondents, especially those who are accredited by the Press Unit and media organizations within and outside the country. This, among other things, is to ensure that credible reportage is always given to the activities of the Ministry.
  6. Monitors public opinions and reactions to the Ministry’s activities, plans and policies and makes clarifications where necessary.
  7. Monitors media contents and issues rejoinders on any adverse broadcasts or publications on the activities, plans and policies of the Ministry.
  8. Carries out daily press review for the Honourable Minister, the Honourable Minister of State, the Permanent Secretary and Directors.
  9. Works closely with all the Departments and Units in the Ministry to give massive publicity to their activities.
  10. Responds to enquiries made to the Ministry based on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
  11. Ensures positive reportage of the monthly Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) meetings.
  12. Organises periodic enlightenment seminar for all cadre of staff of the Ministry on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
  13. Transmits press releases, feature articles, photographs, video clips and other publicity materials to the Federal Ministry of Information website and mobile App.
  14. Organises periodic seminar for journalists officially posted by their media organisation and duly accredited to cover the activities of the Ministry. This is to ensure that the journalists are fully equipped to effectively report the financial and economic issues which the Ministry handles.
  15. Gives massive publicity to the Spring and Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.
  16. Sources and compiles print, electronic and online media clips of important events organised by the Ministry or Departments/Units for the Honourable Minister, Honourable Minister of State, the Permanent Secretary and the Ministry Library.
  17. Carries out photographic and video works for the Ministry. These include production of photo albums, video CDs, and mounting pictures on the Ministry’s photo boards.
  18. Contributes news releases, photographs, video clips and other media contents for the Ministry of Finance website.
  19. Carries out other ad-hoc duties as assigned by the Honourable Minister and Permanent Secretary.