Internal Audit Department

The Internal Audit Department of the Federal Ministry of finance is responsible for the comprehensive and continuous audit of the Accounts, records and other resources of the Ministry, ensuring compliance with extant rules and regulation in their administration.  The Department is also responsible for the establishment and maintain of an adequate and efficient internal control system covering the acquisition, custody and utilization of the Ministry’s resources.

Until 2015, the Internal Audit Department was one of the units attached to the Office of the Permanent Secretary.  This arrangement was as in conformity with the fundamental need for the independence required of meaningful Internal Audit machinery as well as to emphasize the importance of the department as a watchdog of the Management.  However, the status of the erstwhile unit has since 2015 changed to a full Department in line with a pilot scheme of government.  This however does not alter its position in the scheme of things.

Internal Audit Department is a requirement in the Federal Civil Service of Nigeria for any organization to be granted self accounting status.


The areas covered encompass the entire Ministry’s financial transaction reports and internal control system.  The accounting and other operations of the Ministry shall be appraised and evaluated from time to time by the Internal Auditor to ascertain compliance with established rules, regulations and practices and ensure efficient application/deployment of the Ministry resources.



The main duties of the Internal Audit include:

(a) Inspection and appraisal of the accounting system in operation in the establishment to ascertain its adequacy and effectiveness.

(b) Vouching the cash book with the receipts and payments vouchers on a continuous basis.

(c) Verifying cash and other assets of the Ministry;

(d) Examination and checking of the book viz;

–        Vote Book;

–        Paper Money Register;

–        Personal Emolument Records/IPPIS;

–        Mandate Files;

–        Unpaid Salaries and Wages Register;

–        Bank Reconciliation Statement; etc.

(e) Ensure that the system of internal Check and Internal control introduced for the prevention, early detection and control of fraud and loss of cash, store and other assets of the Ministry if adequate.

(f) Ensure that the system for the control of revenue is adequate and that all monies collected are accounted for under the correct classifications.

(g) Ensure that the system for the control of receipts and issuance of stores is adequate, that all issues are properly authorized; that issues are made to the right person and used for the purpose for which they are meant.

(h) Ensure that there is adequate physical security over cash stores and other assets.