ICT Unit

The ICT Unit of the Federal Ministry of Finance exists to ensure effective enterprise-wide information system in the Ministry that will provide fast and easy access to information within and outside the Ministry both locally and internationally. It also provides the following:

  • Plans, organizes, coordinates, advises and supervises all ICT infrastructure and resources:
  • Pursues and promotes e-governance drive of government:
  • Creates, manages and updates the Ministry‚Äôs Website/Portals, Servers and e-mails Account;
  • Handles matters relating to systems analysis and design, programming, compilation, standardization, printing and documentations of all e-Forms in the Ministry;
  • Coordinates the collation, update and production of nominal rolls of federal officers in the Ministry;
  • Assists in the management of IPPIS infrastructure in the Ministry in order to ensure its optimal use;
  • Ensures an efficient systems software development, deployment and administration of Application Software on the LAN/WAN Networks of the Ministry in order to maintain their integrity;
  • Ensures that proper Information Systems hardware protection and security mechanisms are deployed in order to safeguard the integrity of the ICT environment;
  • Designs and supervises the deployment of regular ICT literacy/proficiency programmes of staff in line with the ICT policy of government;
  • Advises on strict adherence to ICT standards, norms and practice in line with best practices;
  • Liaises and collaborates with Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN) and other MDAs, as well as partner with local and foreign organizations on matters relating to Information and Communications Technology in order to share experiences and knowledge;
  • Assists relevant offices in the production of workshops materials, Seminars, Press Briefing, Speeches and Conference papers in the Ministry;
  • Participates on both Bilateral and Multilateral matters relating to ICT;
  • Performs any other related duties that may be assigned from time to time.