Which Departments/ Agencies of the Ministry are responsible for the following activities?
Monthly release of appropriated funds.
Answer: Accountant General of the Federation;Distribution by Federation Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC) and Home Finance Department.

Formulating fiscal policies.
Answer: Fiscal measures, Research and Statistics Department (BOF) and Home Finance.

Implementing fiscal policies.
Answer: Fiscal Measures, Research and Statistics Department (BOF).

Processing of Tariff matters.
Answer: Fiscal Measures, Research and Statistics Department.

Distribution of Revenue from the Federation Account.
Answer: Home Finance Department and Federation Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC).

Handling matters relating to African capacity Building foundation (ACBF) and the National capacity Building Programme.
Answer: International Economic Relation department (IER).

Formulation and review of tax income and VAT rate policies.
Answer: Fiscal Measures, Research and Statistics department.

Compilation and updating of the list of all companies that pay CIT and monitor such payment.
Answer: Fiscal Measures, Research and Statistics department.

Settlement of income tax and VAT rate disputes. Answer: Fiscal Measures, Research and Statistics department.

Facilitating and monitoring the effective Implementation of World/IFAD assisted projects as well as the amortisation of the facilities. Answer: International Economic Delation Department (IER).

Participating in policy formulation, processing and negotiation of all IBRD, IDA, IFAD loan/credit and grants to Nigeria. Answer: International Economic Relation Department (IER).

Issurance of Annual Budget calls circulars to all Federal Ministries/Extra-Ministerial Departments.  Answer: Expenditure Department.

Production of Green Book (Draft Budget). Answer: Expenditure Department.

Preparation and publication of Annual Report and Quarterly performance Report on the Economy. Answer: Economic Research and Policy Management.

Registration of Contractors. Answer: Administrative Department.

Budget Formulation, Preparation,Defence and Implementation. Answer:Expenditure Department (BOF).

Budget Monitoring and evaluation. Answer: Budget Monitoring and Evaluation Department (BME).

Managing the International Economic Relations of the country. Answer: International Economic Relations Department (IER).

Managing the country’s foreign and domestic debts. Answer: Debt Management Office (DMO).

Monitoring projects financed by Bilateral and Multilateral Institutions. Answer: International Economic Relations Department (IER).

Regulating the Capital Market. Answer: Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)/Home Finance Department.

Regulating the activities of the Insurance Industry. Answer:National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) and Home Finance Department. 

Resolving Capital Market disputes. Answer: Investment and Securities Tribunal (IST) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)...

Collection of government revenue and formulation of tax Policy.  Answer: Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and Revenue Department (BOF).

Processing and issuance of waivers. Answer: Fiscal Policy Department (BOF).

Approval of waivers. Answer: Mr. President.

Processing application for appointment of Consultants on revenue matters. Answer: Revenue Department.

Issuance of AIE. Answer: Expenditure Department to be cash-backed by Office of the Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF).

Monitoring Customs Revenue Collection and Remittance by designated Banks. Answer: Revenue Department.

What is the procedure a dissatisfied Customer to our services should do to get his problem solved ?.
Answer:  First report to SERVICOM Department/Unit Nodal Officer in charge of the Service Window concerned, if not satisfactorily solved, he can now report to the Ministerial Nodal Officer, Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF) Abuja.
Room 141, SERVICOM Unit,  E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  . If still dissatisfied, Report to the Honourable Minister of Finance through Tel:09-2340932, 09-2336929  

How can a customer lodge a complaint?.
Answer: Through our email address  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  .   We also entertain hand written or typewritten complaint. A complaint must not exceed two A4 pages, which must of necessity to readable, clear and to the point(s).

What happens when a consumer complaint is received by Servicom Unit?.
Answer:The complaint is analyzed and investigated immediately. SERVICOM Unit reaches out to the service window complained against. If the Unit is satisfied that the service window acted contrary to the servicom work ethics, the unit takes appropriate action without delay.

Will SERVICOM Unit get back to the customer who lodged a complaint?.
Answer: Yes of course. In case where investigations are concluded in less than 48 hours, the complaint will be reached by phone or other wise he/she will be communicated in writing on the out come of the review within one week.

What issues can customers complain to SERVICOM Unit? .
Answer: These include the following among others: Non-chalant attitude towards providing services, poor services delivery, unauthorized collection demand of cost of services, demand of bribery, withholding of files without an genuine reasons(s), and other form of misconducts.

Is SERVICOM Unit a government agency?.
Answer: Yes. Servicom Unit is a full – fledged federal government’s Service Delivery initiative and Institutionalize service delivery principles to Nigerian public service.

Why the delay in payment of salaries?.
Answer:Release of funds for the Payment of Salaries/MDAs involves 3 agencies thus:
- Expenditure Department issues AI
- OAGF cash backs on availability of funds.
- CBN pays cash.

How can I know the allocation given to the three tiers of Government? Answer: You can find the answer on the Ministry’s website: http://www.fmf.gov.ng