Anti-Corruption Unit

The Independent Corrupt Practices and other related Offences Commission (ICPC) was established by the Corrupt Practices and other related offences Act of 13th June, 2000.  Thereafter Government approved the setting up of an Anti-Corruption Unit in each Ministry as a result of which the Anti-Corruption Unit of the Federal Ministry of Finance was established.



  • Receive information about act of corrupt practices in the Ministry.
  • Intimate  the Hon. Minister/Permanent Secretary with such information and seek approval to conduct preliminary investigation
  • Investigate the alleged offence
  • Write report of the investigation and forward same to ICPC through the Hon. Minister or Permanent Secretary as the case may be.


  • Organize in-house workshops, seminars and symposia to enlighten the staff on the ills of corruption and enlist staff support against it.
  • Design  programmes to educate staff members on the provisions of the ICPC Act 2000; assist the Ministry to identify and minimize corrupt opportunities
  • Issue Circulars and Notices as well as circulate press cuttings on corruption within the Ministry.


  • Examine the practices, systems and procedures of the various Departments/Units of the Ministry and where, in the opinion of the Unit, such practices, systems and procedures can facilitate fraud or corruption, to initiate a review of same.


  • Advise the various Department/Unit heads of any changes in practices, systems or procedures relevant to the effective discharge of the duty of the department as the Unit deems fit, so as to reduce the likelihood or incidence of bribery, corruption and other related offences;